Messages From The Management

Ms. Josephine Tan

Head of School

The key ingredient in education is the zeal for learning, for without the zeal to learn, education would fail.

Learning is a process that requires a long journey and for Sekolah Bina Persada to keep moving forward, we look at capturing the learning moments of our education cohorts and students. We work towards cultivating a culture of a collaborative learning spirit at school for a meaningful learning experience. 

SBP seeks to ignite the learning of both our teachers and students. We provide activities for learning beyond the classroom where both of them are encouraged to craft their learnings to be experiential and meaningful.

We emphasize the importance of a holistic and balanced curriculum that comprises the arts, sports, outdoor adventure, soft skills, practical life skills, and students’ leadership.

We also consider communication as one key component much needed for our students’ future and hence we see the need and importance to give our students to learn three languages from a young age.

Looking at today's workforce, collaboration is one skill that would propel the success of an individual but this skill has to be groomed even from the early years of growth. In SBP, school leaders are motivated to go beyond the education industry and to collaborate with companies and institutions to bring in extra knowledge to our students. We build partnerships with different institutions to enhance our students' perspectives and we work closely with companies to provide practical internships for them.

SBP sees that success in education is through linking the minds to the hearts, instilling values, and sharing what we have learnt with the community around us. We embrace the giving of our time and talents to share with those who are in need. We value the spirit of sharing and giving.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a school to spread learning to the village. Learning is not just within the walls of the school. Learning is bringing what is out there into the walls as well.



Ms. Beth

Executive Principal

Welcome all parents and students to the new school year! By and large, I would like to thank all parents for their overwhelming support in all academic activities as well as in all the charity projects the school has been involved in. School year 2017-2018 has promise another amazing year for all students of Sekolah Bina Persada as we have embarked on a lot of meaningful hands-on learning moments.


SBP has carried on raising children who are socially aware of the needs of others. As part of thanksgiving, SBP students equally played an active role in raising a huge amount to construct a house for a poor family in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity. We have overwhelmingly witnessed how they raised funds by doing odd jobs, bringing old clothes to sell in the garage sale and running game booths and selling various merchandise. SBP students have likewise visited different orphanages to socialize and bring gifts to the orphans, do clean-up and painting jobs. Not only that, they also visited elderly homes and brought donations to the old folks.


As part of giving back to the community, SBP has organized a Futsal Cup where students from neighboring local schools came together at SBP and vied for the much-coveted Futsal Cup trophy. It was at that time of the year when local school children flocked to SBP ground and witnessed the adrenaline-packed competition among schools. In between, there have been various school activities where children went out of school and experienced practical learning. Sports and Adventure Dept. has brought our students to places where they can commune with nature and found time enjoy the company of their friends. Different subjects have also conducted external learning trips to bring students away from the classroom and experience a meaningful academic journey outside. Academically, SBP has been successful in producing students who showed competence in different subject areas. They have never failed to amaze us with their international achievements. Given all the wonderful things that have been happening to us, I am forever grateful to our academic team who relentlessly aim for academic excellence. Sincerest gratitude goes to the parents, and stakeholders for all their unending support. Thank you and together, let us make SBP great!

Ms. Novita

Primary Principal

Selamat datang di Website Sekolah Bina Persada!

Terimakasih khususnya kepada seluruh orang tua atas kepercayaanya memilih Sekolah Bina Persada (sebagai wadah pendidikan bagi putera dan puteri dalam menuntut ilmu) untuk pendidikan putera dan puteri Anda. Ketika tuntutan akan pendidikan yang berkualitas semakin meningkat, menjadi lebih jelas bahwa kita semua perlu bekerja sama untuk memastikan bahwa anak-anak mendapatkan segala yang mereka butuhkan dalam mencapai potensi diri secara maksimal. Seluruh komponen sekolah, baik guru, staff, dan orang tua bertanggung jawab untuk memberdayakan siswa dan siswi sehingga mereka memiliki pengetahuan dan keterampilan sebagai bekal dalam menyelesaikan berbagai permasalahan yang kelak akan dihadapi dan dibutuhkan untuk menjadi sukses yang tidak hanya secara akademis, tetapi juga secara sosial, fisik, dan emosional. Berdasarkan tujuan tersebut, kami merancang aktivitas dan program yang dapat mendorong kemampuan siswa-siswi untuk berpikir kritis, kreatif, mampu berkolaborasi dan berkomunikasi dengan baik. Dengan pendidikan yang holistik, kami percaya para siswa dan siswi akan menjadi pribadi yang tangguh dan siap untuk berpartisipasi dalam komunitas internasional dan kelak menjadi pemimpin-pemimpin yang inspiratif.


Website ini akan menyuguhkan lebih dari sekedar informasi tetapi akan menampilkan berbagai pengalaman belajar para siswa dan siswi yang bermakna serta memberikan mereka audiens yang lebih luas bagi karya-karya mereka yang luar biasa.

Kami berharap website ini dapat bermanfaat sebagai media komunikasi dan  memberikan informasi tentang sekolah baik kepada orangtua/wali siswa, maupun masyarakat secara luas. Anda dapat menemukan informasi tentang visi dan misi pendidikan kami, kurikulum, program-program yang kami tawarkan, informasi pendaftaran dan fasilitas sekolah didalamnya. Semoga Anda menikmati kunjungan Anda dan akan rutin kembali untuk mengikuti kegiatan-kegiatan kami. Besar harapan kami untuk dapat bertemu Anda secara langsung di kampus kami.

Terima kasih.


Ms. Novita